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The Public Wireless Internet Project

This section contains information about building a free community wireless access system using Linux. The system uses a very good captive portal system called WiFiDog and also gives info on how to extend your system by banning users and monitoring internet usage.

The information here would be useful for anyone planning to introduce free internet access to say schools, libraries or social groups.

If you're looking for a debian package (.deb) for the Wifidog captive portal, please look here


The WiFiDog system consists of two components. The local gateway, and the authorisation server. The local gateway routes traffic to the internet depending on whether or not the authorisation server has allowed the user access. This section demonstrates how to set up the gateway on a recycled PC using linux.

Installation of the WiFiDog Captive Portal

Auth Server

This section outlines the installation of a linux server environment capable of running the WiFiDog authorisation server.

Installation of the WiFiDog Authorisation Server


Some organisations have a legal obligation to keep logs of the traffic transferred over their system. This section identifies a simple way to accomplish this by routing all port 80 traffic through a proxy.

Wireless Transparent Proxy

Banning MAC addresses

Unfortunately there is always someone who will take advantage of any free service. This section shows a dodgy workaround to prevent a MAC address from accessing your gateway. Bear in mind this is a bit rough and ready and is only really to be used till the feature is implemented in WiFiDog Auth 2.0.

Banning Users by MAC Address